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An Intelligent Software Solution

Solutions Features & Benefits Summary

Cloud Quote is a web-based/hosted or on-site software suite designed to enhance the end-to-end sales process within your business.
The features and benefits of the system impact the key users uniquely, as itemised below:

  • Quick turnaround on request for proposal
  • Guaranteed accuracy of all quantitative elements
  • Itemised, accurate configuration and specification schedule
  • Real time input and processing from quote stage
  • No further input or additional administration required other than status update
  • Virtually impossible to incur an error in either configuring or pricing of even the most complex platforms as the system is linked to the price book and product catalogue
  • Proven ease of use via intuitive interface
  • Quick access graphical tutorials allow for easy ongoing reference and guidance
  • Increased selling and income generating time
  • Real-time dashboard provides an immediate overview of commission status
  • Immediate access to all sales activity in the system:
    – Current and historical
    – Itemised by category of interest; i.e. Individual, team, area, product, client profile, etc.
  • Guaranteed accuracy of content and financial elements:
    – Product, pricing and rate changes are immediately superseded and relayed to all users
  • Standardised quote templates ensure that the desired professional image is consistent
  • Detailed tracking of lead source and allocation determines best ROI per marketing campaign
  • Proven ease of use ensures that newbies will be up and running in minutes
  • Encrypted communication ensures data integrity and security
  • Quick and simple uploading with concurrent distribution of product, pricing or rate changes
  • Accurate stock ordering as per system generated sign off sheets
  • More time to focus on customer service and related in come generation
  • Less time wasted in checking and correcting order documentation as the product hierarchies effectively eliminate user error by:
    – Only allowing compatible mainframes and accessories to be selected
    – Automatically pricing each

The Team were Unanimous in their Independent Assessments of Numerous Product Offerings:

The salesman is the critical success factor in both implementation and continued optimisation.

The systems tested were management- and/or operations-centric – not sales orientated.

The required input by sales personnel was laborious and time consuming.

Product configuration and pricing compilation was often calculated separately and then captured.

This invariably led to a high error rate and related frustration for all parties in the sales process.

No quantifiable validation between the client proposal and the data captured.

Required sales people to be equal part administrators, which is a misnomer.

No quantifiable validation between back office/ financial/pricing systems and client quotations.

The consequence hereof was the conceptualisation and initial development of CLOUD QUOTE.

A sales-centric software solution with multiple touch points and resident intelligence that enhances the experience and effectiveness of all of the role players in a typical sales cycle.

Based on the outcome of an industry survey and personal experiences during an evaluation period, we were able to quickly apply upgrades and modifications that addressed a diverse capabilities spectrum and launch a best-of-breed solution.

Clients & Testimonials

Kinetix (Pty) Ltd

It is with great pleasure that I wish to inform you of the successes we as an organization have had with the Cloud Quote system. We have now been running the system for approximately 18 months and have moved from strength to strength with the ease of use and controls it allows us to govern our sales team through.

We have three branches and four companies across South Africa with a centralised administration and management consol. What Cloud Quote has enabled us to achieve is a uniformed quoting and proposal platform that can be managed and updated as and when required. We control all our pricing, models, brands, company’s, rental factors and more through the single platform. It is a very user friendly and easy to operate system with very little operator involvement required.

It also generates great data that can be used to better understand your sales reps quoting habits and trends.

I highly recommend Cloud Quote to any IT or OA business as a quoting tool and sales control system.

Toby Wells, Managing Director


Konica Minolta Direct

Cloud Quote’s tag line is “Click & Easy”

This perfectly encapsulates their system!

Sales reps are able to quickly generate quotes, admin can change any pricing, products and factors seamlessly, and managers have instant access to reports.

The system is also flexible enough to allow for a host of different product offerings.

I highly recommend Cloud Quote to any sales driven business!

Michael Wieh, Managing Director

Nashua Botswana

Nashua Botswana was looking to procure a uniform quote system in 2014. We needed to have a structure in place that we have full visibility and control over what, who and how our sales people are quoting customers.

We were introduced to CLOUD QUOTE by one of our Nashua Franchises in Pretoria and investigated this system intensely. We were happy to find out that CLOUD QUOTE can do all of what we expected from a customer quoting perspective and were also very happy with the monitoring system that a manager has on overseeing the progress of his sales people.

CLOUD QUOTE were also very helpful with building our system and customizing it to our specifications. We are very happy with the system and has made it part of our essential business tools.

Louis Fourie, Sales Director

Nashua Tshwane

Nashua Tshwane went into partnership with Cloud Quote almost three years ago, and can truly say that the solution has added great value to our sales cycle.

Our consultants have the ability to do proposals on the fly and the templates created, projects our company’s professionalism and efficiency. The team at Cloud Quote is always willing to assist in changes when needed. With good response times and good levels of service.

Nashua Tshwane can recommend the Cloud quote solution for any sales environment wanting to achieve quick turnaround in sales and sales forecast reporting for their sales consultants.”

Tienie Van Rensburg, General Sales Manager

MassLift Africa (PTY) LTD

We began investigating a quote generating solution for our organization in September 2015, and approached a couple of preferred suppliers to discuss our requirements and specifications.

Cloud Quote was our preferred choice , as their system allowed us to tweak and change outputs, calculations and templates to suit our very unique and specific requirements within the materials handling industry.

The end result is that our quote template is standardized and modernized, adding to the value of both our corporate identity and internal controls.

The quotes are generated in a fraction of the time that it used to take, and as a Sales Director, I have instant access to all quotes at their various stages in the sales cycle.

The after sales service, when required has been efficient, minimizing unnecessary downtime.

I would recommend Cloud Quote to any business looking ]to simplify and control their quoting processes.

Marco Caverni, Sales Director